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Youth Can Transform The World

Youth Can Transform The World

While discussing about the violence and terrorism many condemn the Islamic terrorists who kill innocent children, women and men. Many in our country discuss about the atrocities committed by these terrorists in Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria and other parts of the world. Life in these counties has become very difficult. People live constantly in uncertainty, fear and insecurity because every day hundreds of ordinary people are killed.

Many people in India speak and behave with so much superiority about our ancient culture and history. We speak eloquently about the culture of ‘unity in diversity’. We are proud of our pluralistic heritage; we are proud of our sages and saints; we are proud of our non-violent movement which forced the British to leave the country.

Indians are good at basking in the past glory of our ancestors. Yet how much do we walk in the path laid down by our saints and sages? How much effort do we make to keep up their legacy of non-violence and pluralism? Just a day before writing this article there was news of a father murdering his own daughter and burning her body because she married a dalit boy. Honour killing is justified by the caste leaders and some political leaders endorse it to sustain their vote bank. Do we count the number of innocent Muslims who are killed by the fanatic cow vigilantes in different parts of the country? How many hundreds are killed in the worst brutal manner during the communal conflicts? How many Christian missionaries were raped and killed in this land of saints and sages? What right do we have to accuse those who commit violence in other parts of the world when we have not succeeded to stop hatred, violence and prejudice in our own country?

Violent, aggressive and exclusive nationalism is spreading to all parts of the world with high speed and intensity. America which boasts of a powerful democracy with equality, pluralism and universal vision have exposed their hypocrisy by electing Donald Trump as president. Countries like Germany and France who stood for the democratic values of equality, liberty and fraternity are threatened by the rise of right wing political leaders who promote exclusive ideologies. The world is becoming more and more intolerant, insensitive and violent.

The only way to save the world is to trust in the power and goodness of the youth. We need to pay all our attention to the youth and invest our best resources to animate the youth to take charge of the situation. The young people also are looking for opportunities to make use of their energy and talents for constructive purpose. They are also impatient and unhappy about the hypocrisy of the religious leaders, parents and teachers. Corrupt politicians, fundamentalist forces and militant groups exploit their impatience and recruit them into their army only to misuse their energy and talents for violent and destructive purpose. Many other intelligent and talented ones get into the corporate world and support the exploitative system.

Universal Solidarity Movement through its value education programme and enlightened leadership training over two decades has witnessed the miracles which the young people are capable of doing. Convinced of the authenticity of those who train them in USM community they formulate their vision of life, goals, policies and priorities before they get into the University studies. They understand the difference between ambition and vision. They get clarity between religiosity of rituals and spirituality of values. They learn the socio-political and economic realities of the country. Based on these learnings and convictions they formulate a broad, inclusive and lasting vision, goals and policies for themselves and for the country.

Merely by criticising the unjust and corrupt systems nothing is going to change. Condemning the terrorist violence will not bring solution. Instead of cursing the darkness each one of us should light a candle. This is the basic spirituality behind the mission of Universal Solidarity Movement which has influenced the lives of thousands of young students and parents of all faith and people from all walks of life across the country.

Change is possible and always possible. It should begin with oneself and the youth will follow the way and accomplish the task.

(Published on 19th March 2018, Volume XXX, Issue 12)