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Terrorism Sans Tether

Terrorism Sans Tether

A section of the Hindu community is determined to terrorize the minority religious communities and the Dalits. There is venom in their mind. Hate in their heart. And haste in their steps! Their slogan is: elimination of all those who do not swear by their slogan. They are determined to create the Hindu rashtra of the Aryan DNA by the force of their sword and Trishul. They are a fanatical and religious fundamentalist force comprising of some sadhus, sadvins, political opportunists, RSS cadre, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Yuva Vahini, and similar foot-soldiers of the Sang Parivar.

The recent incident of having a group of Christian seminary students and their accompanying professors detained and reportedly arrested at a police station in Satna, M.P. at the diktat of the Bajrang Dal shows the sinister growth of terrorist and anti-national forces taking over this land of the Mahatma. It was not just the police but the Dal followers who converted the police station as its detention centre, not allowing even the seminary staff entry for seeking information about their detained colleagues. The ferocity of the madness escalated into torching the vehicle of the seminary staff that came to enquire about the incident. The students were on their way to sing the message of peace to all men and women of good will and fellowship among all sections of humanity. It is Christmas season. It was the same message Jesus Christ preached over two thousand years ago.

So, it has come to this that even spreading a good will message by peace-promoting ambassadors has become anathema and a criminal activity in the eyes of those who dig the grave of peaceful living and coexistence in India. Had it been that those good will ambassadors had imitated the Bajrang Dal by arming themselves with grenades, lathis and guns, the Dal would have had a second thought before attacking the group. But, such terrorist counter-measures are not in the logic of the peace-loving Christian community. 

Only a day or two prior to the shameful incident, India’s honourable Vice President Sri. Venkaiah Naidu attended a Christmas celebration organised by the apex body of the Christian community. Naidu confessed that his attending the function was far from any political necessity as he was used to enjoying Christmas gatherings every year. He thanked the Indian Christian community for spreading the message of human fellowship alongside its noble service to the nation through schools, dispensaries, hospitals, social development, etc.

By this one can be sure that the Vice President and his ilk will neither appreciate nor tolerate the terrorist display of the Bajrang Dal in Satna nor okay the way the police submitted to the diktat of the foot-soldiers.

If the Bajrang Dal has any guts, it should call into question the Vice President’s attending the Christmas celebration and release a statement of condemnation of his act because Christian religious celebrations stand condemned in its eyes.

The message the Hindu terror groups belonging to the Sang Parivar are broadcasting is that terror is the only path to ride their way on to the type of the nationhood of their dream. As far as they are concerned, they can forcefully convert people of other religions to their fold. They can go on rampage by dragging people out from their homes and killing them in full public view. They go scot-free after engaging in murderous activities. The law keepers are on their side and they enjoy political support. No one is to question such an illegal and anti-constitutional activity. This is the German model Gestapo style of Operation Elimination. This terrorist foot-soldier militia is similar to the one cultivated by Hitler in order to eliminate the Jews and those who were not of the Aryan race.

In his book titled Hinduism, Fascism and Gandhism, V. T. Rajshekhar describes how “The Fascism of Hitler and Mussolini derived its inspiration mainly from Hinduism which has all the traits of Fascism...Whether it is the German Fascists or the RSS, they use the same spiritualist slogans. They make the same appeal to the ‘nationalist’ sentiments to whip up emotions.” (pp. 12-13).

In Rajshekhar’s words, RSS Guru Golwalkar’s “hatred of Muslims has no limit. Golwalkar calls them the ’avowed destroyers of our desh and dharma.” Rajshekhar highlights Golwalkar’s jaundiced view of Christianity. Any act of Christian service was seen by his ‘jaundiced eyes as ‘yellow.’ Rajshekhar speaks of Christianity which, as “a more liberal religion compared to Hinduism has brought light to this dark sub-continent and opened our doors to English language, scientific thinking and liberal ideas.” It is such liberal ideas and scientific thinking that the RSS-Bajrang Dal groups stonewall. For the Sang Parivar, scientific thinking has to go out of the window, giving way to Manuvad spirituality and mythical stories like stem cell implantation for a cakewalk through the main entrance.

Pakistan is considered a terrorist state by India. We peep over our borders and see what is cooking in our neighbouring state. But we remain blindfolded in front of our own home-grown terrorism and fundamentalism that are digging graves for our  hard-won freedom and the nation’s sacred constitutional values. Terrorist groups like Bajrang Dal, Yuva Vahini and others are not just fringe elements. They form the core militia enjoying the blessings of the powers that are.