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Open Sesame In India!

Open Sesame In India!

With one clean sweep, the Supreme Court of India struck down Article 497, decriminalizing ADULTERY, thus turning the very concept of MARRIAGE and the FAMILY on its head! The reason is not difficult to discern: adultery as a criminal act is related to the Biblical commandments upheld by the Church and the British are largely associated with anything that is Christian. So out goes a 'British era' law — in effect, a Christian principle of life done away with! It can now be gamely presumed that adultery is a virtue in the religion of the majority in the land of Manusmriti.

A glorification of licentiousness

It was one thing for the Supreme Court to decriminalize HOMOSEXUALITY, but quite a different matter to decriminalize ADULTERY, considering that it strikes rudely at the very root of MARRIAGE, the foundation of the FAMILY. With the state openly declining to protect the sanctity of the twin concept of marriage and the family, it is now open sesame in the country. Innumerable are the adulterers and adulteresses who must be now gleefully looking forward to bringing their clandestine relationships out into the open, throwing all  besharamgiri to the wind! Indeed, no matter what the Catholic Church in India may say about adultery being wrong and sinful or whatever, many a Catholic in a licentious relationship will now feel free like a free bird, emboldened to behave like animals - or is that too far-fetched? Having watched National Geographic and other animal related channels one can safely say that even animals have some sense of morality. Now with the Pope on the one hand declaring his openness to believers living in unions other than the sacramental bond being admitted to the reception of Holy Communion and the law of the land, on the other, upholding the immoral act of adultery as legal, there is nothing on earth to stop illicit relationships from flourishing.

Whither probity in life?

Sweden is probably the first country in the world to have long held INCEST legal. India becomes the first to accord similar status to ADULTERY. As though that isn’t bad enough, the Supreme Court has refused to impose a ban on criminals contesting elections and rising to wield political power. What next? Will it be long before THEFT and MURDER are also decriminalized? “The law is an ass – a idiot,” says Mr Bumble in Charles Dickens’ famous novel, Oliver Twist. It does look like the ass that the law sure is, is already on its way to being declared a criminal itself!

Just how pervert can society keep becoming, I wonder!

God save India! God save humankind!!

(Published on 15th October 2018, Volume XXX, Issue 42)