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Not All Is Lost

Not All Is Lost

After winning Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand and losing the other three and stealing two of the three states against all the ethical norms, the next agenda of the Sangh Parivar and their paid trolls is to target the leadership of the three parties in UP.

It started with Rahul Gandhi, who they continue to call Pappu with TV anchors too doing it these days, putting aside all decency that is essential as the media. The debate is not on why BJP stole two mandates but about how it won the mandate in UP and Uttarakhand. It was the same last time too when the party lost in major states; the entire discussion was converted into humiliating the Congress Party.

 The ruling party agenda is not satisfied with their victory in Uttar Pradesh but they want to completely eliminate the leadership of the opposition and create anarchy and chaos in their cadres. Hence we have to be very careful. For a healthy democracy we need strong opposition and therefore it is our duty to protect our parties, make them more reasonable and accountable to people. It is not easy to make a party and get accepted in these highly media savvy age.

Congress lost but to suggest that a Jitin Prasad, Jyotiraditya or Sachin Pilot or Shashi Tharoor should lead the party is not the business of the media or BJP. Can they really do and replace the Gandhis who despite all the abhorrence and mocking remain a brand that can counter Modi and RSS. It is the job of the party to do so. Similarly, attempts are to demolish BSP and Samajwadi party. Yes, they lost and I had been calling for their alliance. It is still not late for the two to come together.

We know BSP needs to reenergise and regroup itself. It needs to bring new faces of Ambedkarite movement but also make the party open to all the anti-caste forces as Baba Saheb had wanted. Ms. Mayawati is a national brand in terms of appeal among the Bahujan masses even if there are weaknesses in the party. The party needs to go beyond Uttar Pradesh but will have to work in alliance now.

The coming years are very crucial for all of us who see the idea of India as inclusive and secular. BSP needs to put the Bahujan agenda back in politics, develop new leaders from various communities, give space to diverse Dalit Bahujan identities but also open its space for other anti-caste people who might not be born as Dalit Bahujans but politically oriented to Ambedkarism, Socialism and anti-caste movements. BSP needs to build up new generational leadership and Behanji should continue to lead and nurture them. It is time to develop a strong cultural organisation which raises issues of caste, class, gender and other socio-political issues, and educate the masses. The Buddhist movement should also be strengthened. It is time to rebuild it and take it to all the Bahujan masses.

Ms Mayawati and Mr Akhilesh Yadav should join hands in the greater interest of Bahujan masses. All those who want these parties to be eliminated, will only help the likes of Amit Shah. It is not easy to build a brand. All these parties have their people all over the country. Congress is not going to get anything from Brahmins, nor are they going to help BSP and SP. The parties need to provide space to Dalits, Muslims and OBCs. Sangh Parivar has used the Muslim card to bring all OBCs and Dalits under its umbrella.

Our work is not over till the three parties join hands. There are murmurs in Samajwadi Party against Akhilesh Yadav, but it will be playing in the hands of BJP if he is isolated. He has shown courage and only needs to understand the issues of Bahujan Samaj. He must not give credence to anyone in the party who have anti-Dalit mentality. Akhilesh Yadav has age on his side and is far superior to Mulayam Singh Yadav's group led by Shiv Pal Singh Yadav.

All these parties will have to first train their cadres, a majority of who suffer from anti-Muslim mindset and therefore when BJP played Muslim card, they fell for it. RSS and Modi have used all the methods including creating conflicts between various communities and hence in 2019, it would not be possible for them to make further jumlas. It is time that the leaders of these parties come out with some sort of understanding, educate the cadre and start working on the ground. All parties need to give space to progressive, anti-caste and anti-communal forces. Mere identity politics will not work anymore. Sangh has used this to the best of its advantage. To counter we must raise the issues of violence on Dalits, issues of reservation, farmers’ death, communalisation and brahmanisation of campuses. The youth are desperate. Our young students are being killed by the ‘Dronacharyas’. We cannot speak just before the elections on these issues. The battle must be consistent. Muslims are receiving threat mail. In these times, can we say that India is great and united as a nation?

Let us isolate all forms of religious fundamentalists. Let us take on all kind of fundamentalists head on. Let us prepare for 2019. Don’t get disappointed by the sick brahmanical corporatized media which has already given its verdict. UP and Bihar are important battlegrounds along with Maharashtra. A fair understanding will help build a strong rainbow coalition which has progressive approach as well. 2019 is widely open now and it will not be an easy walk for Sangh Parivar now as Modi and his team will have nothing more to hype unless they work.

Will BSP-SP-Congress-Left-RJD come to an understanding? Also important is to strengthen secular-anticaste-ambedkarite cultural movement all over the country to counter the vicious communal propaganda. Will our leaders show some maturity and statesmanship?

#(Published on 20th March 2017, Volume XXIX, Issue 12)