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Man Openly Deceives Indefinitely

Man Openly Deceives Indefinitely

Here is a letter sent by Mr. SS Rajesh from Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu to the Honorable Prime Minister Modi on 25th August, 2017:

“Respected Sir,

Subject: Requesting you to pay the promised amount of Rs.15,00,000.

During the last Parliamentary Election you contested as a Prime Ministerial candidate and won victoriously. You had come to Chennai three times on election campaign. During all those three meetings you promised saying, “If I come to power, I will bring back all the black money stacked in foreign countries. Once I bring the money back to India, I will deposit Rs.15,00,000 in the bank account of every Indian Citizen. I will do this within 100 days.” All other persons, who spoke after you, also welcomed your promise. You made this promise all over India during your election campaign. You won majority seats and you are now ruling the country.

Sir, the moment you stepped down from your election campaign stage, I borrowed Rs.15,00,000 from banks believing in your promise. I borrowed this money from the banks trusting in your promise of the deposit of this amount within 100 days. The promised 100 days have now become 1000 days. Sir, you are a respectable person. Several times I tried to contact you but I was informed that you had gone abroad. I thought that you were busy in bringing back the black money from foreign countries.

Sir, I am sad to note that you are not willing to talk anything about the black money these days. In your favourite “Man Ki Baat” program also you are not making any mention of the promised 15 lakhs. I still have a lot of confidence in you. But I am not able to manage the banks that gave me the money. Your Finance Minister has given a serious order to banks to initiate strict actions to collect the pending loans from the defaulters.

Sir, I will not run away from the country and hide myself like Vijay Mallya. I am not worried about the banks suspecting my sincerity. By doing this the banks are suspecting your honesty too. I am not able to tolerate this. We are four members in my house. So you need to give us a total of Rs.60,00,000. During the next Parliamentary Election we will give our votes to you only and this is a promise. Hence kindly deposit Rs.60,00,000 in our accounts. This is an urgent request made to you.

It is good that I am not a Farmer but a Journalist. If I were a Farmer, probably the bank staff might have broken my legs and arms. Sir, what will you do if all the Indian citizens make similar requests simultaneously, at the same time? Please distribute the promised money. When you come to Chennai next time, there should not be any pending financial transaction between us. Jai Hind!”

Dear readers, this letter in Tamil came to me through WhatsApp. It did provoke my thoughts, as it will do to you also. Every sensible citizen will know what Mr. Modi had said and done before the election and what he is doing after he became the Prime Minister of India. He and his government have repeatedly proved to be pro-rich and pro-corporate making the opposition’s statement “Suit Boot Ki Sarkar” a reality. Neither Mr. Modi nor his party are concerned about the burning issues of the country like continuing poverty, atrocities on women, decline in economy, growing crime rate, increasing corruption, price rise, unemployment, human trafficking, never-ending child-abuse and deaths etc.

During his recent speech at the University of California Mr. Rahul Gandhi said, “What can destroy our momentum is the opposite energy: hatred, anger, violence and the politics of polarization which has raised its ugly head in India today.” Regarding demonetization he mentioned that Mr. Modi takes ad hoc decisions in a reckless and dangerous manner. “Demonetization is a completely self-inflicted wound causing 2% loss in India’s GDP,” he said.     

Mr. Modi introduced several name-sake schemes none of which really took off. No one has benefitted anything from any of his schemes. For example, Clean India scheme has not made any place clean. Solid Waste Management has been an utter failure in every State. We still continue to live in dirty and unhygienic surroundings. Jan Dhan scheme has done a reverse effect and it now means Jan without Dhan, meaning people without wealth. The rich people get richer and the poor people become poorer. This is the bitter truth in India today. What has happened to Modi’s pet slogan of “Beti Bachao - Beti Padhao”? Right under his nose, unending rapes of young girl children and women are taking place. His government has done literally nothing to prevent this heinous crime.         

In Berkeley Rahul Gandhi admitted saying, “Mr. Modi has certain skills. He is a very good communicator, probably better than me.” This may be the statement that all other party leaders would make. The whole India has witnessed that Mr. Modi is only a Speaker and not a Doer. His performance as the Prime Minister of India has shown that he speaks lies without any limit. He has also proved that he is a man who openly deceives indefinitely. This is done to the simple people who placed their trust and elected him. If this trend continues, then, he and his Party will lose the support and respect of the people. It is high time for him to do introspection on his behaviour and life. He needs to be sincere in what he says and does. Being a Prime Minister, he must maintain the decorum of the high office he is holding.

(Published on 09th October 2017, Volume XXIX, Issue 41)