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Let Us Listen To Gauri Lankesh!

Let Us Listen To Gauri Lankesh!

I Knew!

I knew my days were numbered!  I knew my plotting killers.

I did not live and act in vain. Nor have I shed my blood in vain!

I loved India. I lived for this my motherland.

I had a dream! Like the dream that made our freedom fighters lay down their precious lives.

For a free India, federal India, secular India, casteless India, classless India! That was my narrative!

I looked for that India which the Fathers of our Constitution envisaged and envisioned.

Where we the citizens, child, man or woman, would hold our heads high! In freedom and equality; in the spirit of Gandhi and Ambedkar!

I lived with the passion of my conscience!  I cried a halt to the venom-spewing fundamentalist mania.

I believed in my freedom of speech and expression, every citizen’s constitutional guarantees.

You killed my body. But you could not kill my spirit!

You silenced my verbal utterance. But you could not arrest my message!

You snatched away my pen. But you could not drain my ink!

You spilled my blood. But, from my blood will spring many a Gauri, ten thousand, a hundred million. Watch out!

To sting your conscience; to thwart your plans; to expose your crimes! To cry freedom; to destroy your communal venom!

To bury your lies; to stonewall your naked gyrations; to expose your villainous patrons!

The day is not far off! When a thousand Dabholkars, ten thousand Kalburgis, a  million  Pansares and a hundred million Gauris will people this land, raising the flag of truth and liberation!

Into that day of freedom, let my country awake!

(Published on 11th September 2017, Volume XXIX, Issue 37)