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Lessons From Bore-well Deaths

Lessons From Bore-well Deaths

The 2-year old Sujith Wilson’s untimely and tragic death in the bore-well has indeed sent a shock wave all over the world. The incident occurred in a small village of Trichy district, Tamil Nadu on 25th October evening. Four days of rescue efforts using various hi-tech and German made powerful machineries and other technology utterly failed. On the fifth day the rescue team could manage to pull out certain parts of the decomposed body of the young boy. Finally the burial was held in a Christian Cemetery. This sad and shocking event raises many questions: 

Ø On the one side we build skyscraper building, metro rail system under the ground and wider highways with 4-lane, 6-lane and 8-lane tracks to connect major towns and cities. On the other side we could not put a small tunnel and rescue the boy trapped in the bore-well hole. What is the use of our hi-tech construction technology which could not rescue a child?

Ø On the one hand we boast of having conquered the outer space through various types of Satellites and reached the Moon through Chandrayaan. On the other hand we are still unable to know the type of soil and the nature of underground rock. It took 4 days for the technicians to understand this at the rescue spot. What is the use of conquering the outer space without understanding the ground situation?

Ø One the one side we have succeeded in extracting Methane gas by digging more than 7000 feet by using high tech drilling and extracting technology. On the other side we could not rescue a small child stuck at 87 feet of 600 feet deep bore-well. What is the use of high tech machines that could not save a life?      

Ø On the one hand we are proud of living in a high-tech world using sophisticated electronic communication gadgets. On the other side we could not communicate with the small boy who was trapped inside the bore-well for 4 days. What is the use of the sophisticated systems that could not communicate with the victim?

Ø India feels great about its esteemed Space/Earth/Soil Science, Technology, Engineering, Medical, Disaster Management and Research Institutes. How much have these Institutes contributed in preventing natural and human-made disasters, including bore-well deaths all over India?      

Political Parties take their turn in ruling the Central and States Governments. Invariably every political party’s aim is: “Capture power and Swindle money”. No political party, both at the Centre and State levels, has prepared a clear policy to save innocent lives from human-made and natural disasters. In the event of any tragedy and disaster they make beautiful statements, express shock over the loss of lives, convey their condolences to the bereaved families and announce relief compensation. That is the end. Nothing more!

We have been losing innocent children due to bore-well tragedies. Every such death is a SHAME to all of us. It is a collective failure. It is high time for the general public, State and Central Government to come together, have serious discussions, follow or strengthen the existing laws and initiate various preventive measures. Let Sujith’s death be the LAST one in India. Every life is precious - Prevention is better than cure - Save every life, are the lessons that we learn from the bore-well, human-made and natural tragedies.

(Published on 04th November 2019, Volume XXXI, Issue 45)