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‘Khushaaal Bachpan Abhiyaan’

‘Khushaaal Bachpan Abhiyaan’

An Interreligious Parliament for Peace and Sustainable Development was organized at Patna on 4th & 5th August 2017 under the name ‘Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017’. The theme of Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017 was ‘Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan & Bihar Pilot Project’.

Goswami Sushil Maharaj, National Convener of Sarva Dharma Sansad & National President of Dharma Rajya Vedi, Greater Noida, was the Chief Guest in Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017. He also inaugurated the Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan & its Bihar Pilot Project on 4th Aug in the public function held at 3:30 pm at the St. Xavier’s High School Auditorium, Patna, by releasing a handbook of Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan. Most Rev. Williams D’Souza, Archbishop of Patna presided over the public function. Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi, the Founder of Tyagarchana Shanti Mission & Convener of Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017, delivered the keynote address. Babaji Srijnana Kalandar (Founder, The Khidmat Foundation & Live2Give Project – Hyderabad), Sardar Joginder Singh Uberoi ( Vice President, Navasrushti International Trust, & Chairman, J S Uberoi & Co., Nagpur), Rev. Fr. Jose Vadassery, SJ (Provincial Superior, Patna Jesuit Province), Adv. V K Mohamed (Vice Chairman, Advisory Committee, Universal Confederation of SNG Organizations, Bhilai), Ms Nipurnh Gupta (UNICEF, Bihar) & Sri. Navneet Nilendra (Art of Living Foundation, Patna) were the guests of honour in the inaugural function.

‘Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan’ is an interreligious campaign of love for a happy and healthy childhood for children below 18 years of age in India. It consists of caring love, nutritious food, creative learning & playing, singing and dancing. The ‘Bihar Pilot Project’ aims to promote the vision and mission of Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan first in the state of Bihar with focus on Champaran district as a ‘Champaran Satyagraha Centenary Initiative’.

On 5th Aug, Saturday, there were sessions from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on various sub-themes of Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan & its Bihar Pilot Project. Delegates and ‘Observers’ from different religious backgrounds representing various organizations and institutions from Kochi, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Nagpur participated in these sessions.

A coordinating committee headed by Col. Ishrat Nabi (Retd) was responsible for organizing the Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017. Prof. Shridhar Kumar (BIT Patna Campus), Rev. Fr. Joseph Raj (Director, Patna Archdiocesan Council of Education), Rev. Fr. O A Jacob, SJ (Principal, St. Xavier’s School), Sdk. Rajhans Bharat (National Coordinator, Tyagarchana Shanti Mission), Thomas John Satyanand (National Coordinator, Disciples of Christ for Peace), Advocate Anshuman Singh (High Court of Patna) & Prof. Vineet Singh (St. Xavier’s College, Patna) were the other members of this committee.

Adopting a ‘Happy Childhood Pledge’ and a ‘Foundational Action Plan’ for the first year were the two important achievements of Vishwa Shanti Sansad - 2017. The Happy Childhood Pledge will be promoted through social media as well as through electronic and print media to gather wide public support from all over India and the world for the Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan and its Bihar Pilot Project. The Foundational Action Plan will be implemented first in Bihar beginning with Champaran district wherein Mahatma Gandhi had launched his first Satyagraha Abhiyaan in 1917.

Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017 was the first Vishwa Shanti Sansad organised by Tyagarchana Shanti Mission (TSM) with the help and collaboration of other like-minded organizations and institutions. It was held in St. Xavier’s High School Auditorium at Patna on 4th & 5th August 2017. The two important achievements of Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017 were:

1.           Adopting and signing a ‘Happy Childhood Pledge’ as the foundational document for Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan.

2.           Adopting an interreligious ‘Foundational Action Plan’ for Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan & its Bihar Pilot Project for the first year with focus on Champaran district.

The Action Plan of Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan & its Bihar Pilot Project will be revised every year by the Vishwa Shanti Sansad. The ‘Happy Childhood Pledge’ & ‘Foundational Action Plan’ adopted by Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017 are presented below for nation-wide publicity and promotion. All like-minded individuals/organizations/ institutions in India are cordially invited to take them up and make them their own.

(Published on 28th August 2017, Volume XXIX, Issue 35)