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Invisible Injustices - 85

Invisible Injustices - 85

Monkeys are known for their imitation of things taught by their masters. As reported in media, Dr. Satyapal Singh, the Minister of State for Human Resource Development, in his speech on the occasion of Akhil Bhaaratiya Vaidika Sammelan on Jan 19 at Aurangabad, declared that the Darwin’s theory of evolution is scientifically wrong and need to be removed from the curriculum of schools and colleges.

In him we see an intelligent, highly educated and well trained IPS officer evolving into a political monkey promoting mythical thinking in tune with the ideology of some fundamentalist organization that governs his professional affiliation. He is part of a system which wants to keep the common people of India in the primitive mythical ways of thinking and monkey ways of acting so that they can be controlled religiously and exploited politically and economically. It is very clear that he is part of a regime subtly oppressive of the common people, bluffing them with mythical and religious stories and superstitious practices. He himself knows that he is lying in public with a selfish motive of staying in the good books of his political masters ( babus). He is one of the many examples of bureaucrats evolving into political monkeys: Invisible Injustices.

Politicians and rulers of all times and all places tried to use religious beliefs to control and suppress the people under them through myths, magic and rituals which are to be followed   like monkeys imitating their masters. India has one of the best administrative systems in the world which is staffed by well trained and competent administrators. But the present types of political babus in India have turned them into political monkeys who are compelled to dance according to their tune of ideologies: Invisible Injustices.

The word evolution itself does not and will not mean that a person can see a monkey or any other animal evolving into any other animal or a human being in a short time or even in one’s own life span. Now we are all familiar with cross breeding of wheat, rice and other annual crops. To evolve an improved variety of wheat or rice it takes on an average 12-15 years. To evolve and stabilize a new breed of cattle or buffalo takes more than 100 years. Different races of humans took thousands or even millions of years to evolve. With several innovations in genetical engineering the duration for breeding new crops or animals is becoming easier and shorter in the years to come. With embryonic stem cell research we are able to take control of the animal and human reproduction.

We all know that the future is full of surprises in the human and animal genetics. Yet our political- babus can make people including the bureaucrats into monkeys to observe world yoga day on every 21st June and forget about the regular maintenance and staffing of the public hospitals and health centres in India. They can convince people that a cow is a god to be worshiped and looked after till its death even if it is a total liability and the bureaucrats have to become monkeys to repeat the same and ensure the strict implementation of cow protection rules. If another politician babu in another state tells the opposite, the bureaucrat-monkeys will have to repeat the same. The babus can order the bureaucrats to constitute an ambulance system for the sick ‘ gau-matas’ and forget about the sick and dying human matas in our country. A leader among the political babus can convince the people that he will bring all the unaccounted money of Indians stacked in Swiss Bank and deposit 15 lakh each in the accounts of all the Aam Admis in our country while the chuckling bureaucrats will be fretting and travelling to Switzerland back and forth with suitcases full of files. Political supermoms can demand complete prostration, preparation of chewing pan or to tie shoe strings from his/her monkey colleagues.

A babu could make all, including the top bureaucrats, take up brooms in front of the media to promote Swachh Bharat Abhyan which ended up in sweeping waste from one spot to another on a prominent road in a city. The much proclaimed Swachh Bharat Abhyan seems to be ending up in ever more accumulation of stinking waste both in urban and rural areas. Yet the bureaucrat monkeys have to proclaim it as a great success. Ever since Swachh Bharat Abhyan was launched more of sewage started flowing into our so-called sacred rivers. The bureaucrats who have been working in the agriculture ministry for many years have to pretend to believe the political babus who promise that the income of the farmers will be doubled by 2021. The bureaucrats are happy that at least their salaries are doubled recently.

Our chief babu can order their monkey bureaucrats to organize marathon and other cultural programmes on Vanamahotsav days without planting a single sapling. He could declare to a huge gathering of top scientists that the first organ transplantation took place in India thousands of years ago and the poor ‘monkey scientists’ had to clap in ecstatic adulation. He could demonetize overnight higher denomination notes and introduce doubly higher denomination notes, which the common people were unable to use in their daily transactions. He could convince the common people that make-in-India launched in 2014 could transform India into a “global design and manufacturing hub” and marshal all bureaucrat monkeys to gear up to ‘make in India’ movement successful. But data shows that our imports are going up with China as our biggest import partner having 16% of total imports. The Tripura Chief Minister declared recently that ‘internet’ was in use in India in the Vedic times.

The history is replete with incidents of rulers and those in powerful positions using religion as a tool to rule over the people. All the kings and emperors of the ancient world explicitly promoted their religion among their subjects. Emperor Asoka spread Buddhism among the subjects of his kingdom. Emperor Constantine was instrumental in spreading Christianity throughout Europe. Adi Shankaracharya o f Kalady, who was an 8th century Indian philosopher and theologian, consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta and is credited with unifying and establishing the main currents of thought in Hinduism. The Mughals came to India and spread Islam by force and allurements. Christianity also came to India with preaching and works of mercy and they did their share in spreading Christianity in India.

At the same time we must keep in mind that there is a tendency among the people also to go with the powerful and the ruling class for personal benefits and even for survival (monkeying). Material benefits are the guiding principles of vast majority of the people in determining their religious beliefs too. When the king was a Buddhist, people around him became Buddhists to get material benefits and powerful positions in their life. The same was true with all the rulers of all other religions. The rulers promoted their religion and entertained the priests of their religion and employed both religious and civil laws to rule their subjects. At the same time some of the rulers respected other religions and granted freedom to them to follow their own faiths. In short till the age of secularism the divine right theory of kingship was a political and religious doctrine. It asserted that a monarch is subjected to no earthly authority but derives its right to rule directly from the will of God and many people under such rule evolved themselves into the prevalent belief system of their monarchs. In religion too there are religious babus and religious monkeys: Invisible Injustices.

“C hamchagiri” is the safest way of surviving under political and religious “ babus” or “dadas” who are often semi-educated with hotchpotch educational qualifications and are ignorant of administrative systems and public behaviours and much less about the growing scientific discoveries and theories. In Indian socio-religious and political system, authority means “ Dadagiri” and the subject means “C hamchagiri”. IAS, IPS, IFoS or any other categories have to be constantly evolving into political monkeys and swing themselves between “D adagiri”, and “C hamchagiri”: Invisible Injustice.

(The writer is retired Professor, XIM Bhubaneswar. Email:

(Published on 21st May 2018, Volume XXX, Issue 21)