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Greed Vs Need

Greed Vs Need

BJP is jubilant since it has got 325 seats in UP and an absolute majority in Uttarakhand. The party’s greed for power did not stop here. Although Congress is the single largest party in Manipur and Goa, BJP has already got into ‘horse-trade’ to get other MLAs into its fold. The party does not have the humility to accept its failure and give way to Congress to form the government. In spite of failure, BJP wants to rule in both the states without any shame. This shows their greed for power. The party is trying to prove that they will go to any extent or adopt any illegal means to get hold of power. Mayawati has already alleged that voting machines have been tampered in UP. We cannot say that her allegation is wrong because similar thing happened in Tamil Nadu during the last Parliamentary election. AIADMK won all the MP seats, leaving one to BJP and none to DMK. Today BJP’s agenda is very clear – i.e. spread saffron colour to all states and make the country a “Hindu Rashtra” one day. In UP Modi may not have explicitly raised the slogan “Mandir Banayenge” hinting the construction of Ram Mandir. But that is one of the major agendas for his party. This agenda has been already conveyed to all Hindu voters and they knew that BJP will build Ram Temple if voted to power.  

Today election in India has become a meaningless ritual in the name of democracy.  The socially and economically backward rural people in India constitute the majority of the electorate. They often become emotional rather than rational at the election time. It is a sad reality that they are found quite apathetic towards the sophisticated election process and they do not have the education to understand various democratic practices and processes. With illiterate population democracy based on adult franchise cannot serve the people properly. Many sincere and sensible voters, in the process, lose all their interest in the elections and they either abstain from voting or cast their votes only as a matter of ritual. In the recently concluded elections the percentage of people opting for NOTA has increased, especially in Goa. Today the bitter truth is that elections are not in the finest traditions of democracy, nor does the power of such democracies emanate from the people. The people cannot always help participating in these elections, but their votes do not quite represent their choice. So the elected governments, instead of conforming to the democratic norms and values, are often found to become authoritarian and autocratic, developing a sort of cynical disregard for people’s aspirations.

India today is grappling with some of the fundamental challenges that should be taken up on a priority basis, especially poverty, hunger, human trafficking, caste-based communal violence, increasing farmer-suicides, never-ending violence on women and various other social evils. The indicators of growth are not at par with the aspirations of the common people and a genuine willingness to set things straight is still missing. The national issues that continue to hold India back from achieving its development goals have not emerged recently. From corruption to unemployment and lack of healthcare services to infrastructure gap, the problematic issues had been eating into the holistic health of the country for long. Widespread and increasing corruption has become responsible for the rapid fall in moral value and distortion of the Indian polity.  Modi and his government have done nothing to address the needs of the people. Modi’s greed for power must be stopped like Punjab.

#(Published on 20th March 2017, Volume XXIX, Issue 12)