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God Visited His ‘Own Country’ Once Again!

God Visited His ‘Own Country’ Once Again!

The unprecedented floods and the resultant havoc have opened the eyes of Kerala to see the God of concern, sharing and caring.

The once secure compound walls of churches, temples and mosques have been flattened and the premises washed clean, thereby bringing out all men and women of different creeds and castes to work in collaboration on a rescue mission.  The God of history active here and now in the sympathetic eyes, caring voices, agile legs, provident hands and loving hearts!

The human chain of compassion was a sure reminder to all about the futility of pandering to the pride of those sky-embracing steeples, golden domes, embellished arches and the like. That God is not over there in the golden niches of grotesque grottos or synthetic sanctuaries. That He is out there ever active and alive wherever people gather in love and solidarity to perform the miracle of sharing, caring and daring!

I saw God marooned in that two storied building, thirsting for a drop of water with the ever rising flood enveloping him on all sides. He was there too in the eyes of that rich lady begging for a change of clothe from a rescue volunteer because all that she had had got washed away in the flood fury. The old uncle nursing his broken leg in the wheel chair and waiting to be rescued told a sad story. There was the granny resigned to her fate while her two children were away in Saudi Arabia. God in human form was in distress. In need of food, water, shelter, comfort, consolation and courage! Even a safe delivery!

His angels of mercy fluttered about daring, caring, providing, consoling, comforting and carrying to safety. His army in the form of the defence, the navy, the NGO fraternity, the free volunteers and all, men and women of good will!  Men and women who did not bother to ask who the other was but reached out with a free heart without a commercial break.  A superb display of human solidarity burying all communal passions, visceral vitriol, beastly bias, and vested interest. Here were humans at their best, ministering God’s human touch. God become human!

And, politicians of all hues buried their hatchet for a moment and rose to the occasion to reach out to join the human chain of solidarity. And, those who worked behind the scene, those wielding the dam gates, those giving directions, those offering donations, those supplying materials and provisions. Those daring media men and women giving round the clock coverage, and numerous others praying, wishing well in human solidarity! What a monumental show of selflessness shown by that youth who went down on all fours without a second thought to make himself a step for the wailing ladies to climb on him to get into the rescue boat! All this and more,  a colourful spectrum of love in deeds!

When the floods have subsided, when the slush and dirt haven been washed clean, when the affected are back home, should not some of the encamped in some holy sanctuaries for protection from the flood fury wear sack cloth and ashes in repentance for not recognising the God of humanity in the form “dalits’ or ‘others’? What a contradiction: God shut out by the refugees in some sanctuaries! How could the so-called enlightened Kerala, ‘God’s own country’, have stooped to that level of mental muck and unspiritual hate crime!

That stray black whole apart, God’s presence was vibrant, telling us all that God had visited once again his ‘own country.’

(Published on 27th August 2018, Volume XXX, Issue 35)