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Go Up To Pollute

Go Up To Pollute

For more than three weeks now, the air in Delhi and surrounding areas has been turning toxic. Unlike the Jews in Germany and surrounding nations conquered by the Nazis, there is no one intentionally trying to kill the people living in this area by creating gas chambers for them. The smoke, however, are manufactured by some of the people who live in the area and who happily breathe the same air.

Delhi does not have the advantage of a coastal city. There is no sea breeze to blow away the toxic gases and other pollutants that are created in the area. It also has a desert neighbour in Rajasthan, which exports silica dust. Then there are the Himalayas to the north that will stop any wind from the south to blow away the polluting air upwards north. These are geographical conditions that cannot be wished away. Even if one tries to exaggerate the chest size of the ruler, there is nothing he could do about it.

But there are certain things that would come natural to any living being, what is called survival instincts. Humans being superior in intellect are supposed to know much more than just survive. The inventions and technological innovations of humans are all supposed to not only make them survive but provide comfort and a superior lifestyle. However, humans are at the moment digging their own grave. And leading the way is the people in the National Capital Region.

They are not bothered by the difficulty that they experience while breathing. They ignore advice and threats and laws to burn crop residue, cut trees and construct buildings, dig up the earth without moistening it and release tons of dust, drive more and more fuel guzzling and polluting vehicles and release industrial pollutants from factories without any consideration. And if all of this was insufficient, they see a Supreme Court ban on bursting crackers during festivals as a ‘threat to Hindus’. It does not strike anyone that even if this ‘stupidity for votes propaganda’ is true, demographic logic suggests that more than 80% of people admitted to hospitals with breathing ailments and disorders would be Hindus.

What we are obsessed with right now is to build statues. So let’s have more of them. And let each one who has to burst cracker for a festival climb up the statues and reach its viewing gallery and then burst the crackers. This way, the rest of us who struggle to breathe may be given some respite.

Black Anniversary

Two disasters happened on November 8. One was the birth of L K Advani in 1927. The other was the Modi Government’s decision to invalidate 86% of Indian currency overnight. On the second anniversary of the greatest disaster wilfully created by an individual in a non-war zone in the new millennium, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in his latest bluster that the aim of demonetisation was not to confiscate notes, but to ‘formalise’ the economy. What next? Will murderers claim their crimes were to control population?

Jaitley’s defence is that demonetisation prompted some people to deposit unaccounted currency into bank accounts, paid income taxes for them and increased the revenue for the Government. However, he has no exact figures on how much is the real amount thus ‘generated’. Nor would he admit that the amount spent for printing new notes, transporting them and for other logistical emergency measures following invalidating 86% of the total currency in circulation overnight had exceeded the so-called extra tax revenue by several hundreds of crores.

The bigger loss of course came after small and medium businesses which ran on cash came to a standstill and demonetisation ultimately shaved off 2% of India’s GDP. Even a tin pot dictator in Africa or Central America would have been remorseful and honest than the set of rulers the nation is unfortunately saddled with currently. One cannot expect them to say in as many words that demonetisation was a fool’s recipe that unleashed disaster on the poor people of this country. Not even the death of more than a 100 people in ATM and bank queues have moved them.

The Modi Government’s reluctance to accept the truth even after it has been clearly proven that demonetisation had not met any stated goals but at the same time did not affect electoral choices of the people. That leads one to suspect that it may have been more than a fool’s prescription to get rid of black money, fake currency and end terrorism. The more the information trickles out from cooperative banks in Gujarat, the more the suspicion grows on whether this was a planned scam.

Stick To Your Crease!

It is not clear whether it is plain arrogance, misplaced sense of patriotism, illiteracy or an attempt to promote his new app that made Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli clear all doubts in the minds of those who were unsure what kind of a character he is. In all likelihood, it could be a combination of all things mentioned above.

A mere ability to play strokes against most bowlers in certain batting conditions and pitches does not make anyone a master of deciding on the fate of citizens of a country. It did not make Vivian Richards even the ruler of Antigua, though he was given the moniker ‘King Richard’. However, Kohli seems to have mistaken his current form as a sign from God that he was chosen to decide on who should live in India and who all should go to which country. So he became an ‘international visa suggesting authority’.

In a video, Kohli commented on a fan’s opinion that he and other current Indian batsmen were ‘overrated’ and that he preferred to watch Australian and English batsmen. Such comments are not new to sportspersons and while they may attract acerbic replies from other sports enthusiasts, sportspersons ignore them because they believe in their abilities. However, Kohli responded by saying ‘if you like cricketers of other countries, you should go live there.’

However, the comment was not something like dispatching a ball to the boundary. It was panned on twitter and several people, including Indian cricket enthusiasts, told Kohli he had no business to decide on who should live where. The twitter storm may have also been due to the fact that Kohli’s comments sounded similar to Modi’s ministers asking people to ‘go to Pakistan.’


Question: Why did Mehul Choksi flee to Antigua?

Answer: Choksi met Virat Kohli and told him that he liked Vivian Richards more and Kohli asked him to go live in Richards’ nation.


(Published on 12th November 2018, Volume XXX, Issue 46)