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An Appeal To All NRIs

An Appeal To All NRIs

Dear Non-Resident Indian sisters and brothers,

This letter brings you all good news with a sincere appeal. Kindly spare a few minutes of your valuable time to read, understand and plan your future. Most of the Indians living in India know very well that you have left India for valid reasons. Some of the reasons could be:

·       The social traditions that perpetuate the age-old caste system due to which most of the SC, ST and other backward communities are excluded from the real development.

·       The economic system that contains neither sufficient scope of job opportunities for the educated unemployed youth nor offers them proper schemes for setting up small-scale enterprises.

·       The growing communal and religious disharmony – people fighting and dying in the name of God and religion.

·       The corrupt political system where the political leaders become power and money crazy. Widespread corruption at every level.

·       Ecological degradation – unclean surrounding, growing pollution level, depletion of nature and natural resources.

·       The irrelevant education system that was introduced by British rulers and is being followed blindly.  

The above situations have changed drastically. Do you know how? The BJP came to power in 2014. Once again, this year, the party got a mandate to be in power for the second term. The Prime Minister and his colleagues have worked wonders. They have succeeded in creating a New India. You all will be extremely happy to know the present scenario in the transformed India. Here are some classic examples:

·       Prime Minister Modi really kept up his promise made during his election campaign. He brought all the Black Money (kept in foreign banks by rich Indians) from the foreign countries. Every citizen has been given Rs.15 lakhs. Now there is no one below poverty line. The Demonetization was a great success as it has broken the backbone of the terrorist groups. Another good result was that all the black money kept in India was brought out. Now we have only white money. Due to Jan Dhan scheme every Indian has got a bank account that is filled with money. You cannot spot anyone begging in public or private places. Begging is a thing of the past.

·       The Indian society has been transformed. Caste system has been abolished. All people live like brothers and sisters. Communal/Religious violence has been a thing of the past. Today every religion is accepted and respected. Every citizen is free to follow any religion of his/her choice. Religious Harmony has become a model for replication by other countries. A uniform civil code has been successfully implemented.

·       Kashmir was a land of dispute and known for frequent communal violence. Political instability was always there. After the scrapping of Article 320, the land has been transformed into a paradise. Now the local people feel safe and secure than before as Kashmir has become an integral part of India.   The people feel proud to be Indians and they are leading a joyful life. The inflow of both international and national tourists to Kashmir is very high as peace prevails there.      

·       The education system has now been transformed. Value education, Character building, Life Skills and Skill Training have become integral part of the education system. This system produces men and women of character. The students come out of schools/colleges/universities as skilled persons. They easily find jobs and get employed or become self-employed.     

·       The economic growth in the country has reached its peak. There is no unemployment whatsoever. We have two crore surplus jobs and these have no connection either with Chai or Pakodas. Even if all the NRIs return to India, they can find suitable jobs. There is scope for every aspiring youth to set up a big or small enterprise and become successful entrepreneur. No youth tries to venture out of country in search of job.

·       Congress had no clue about FDI, GST and Aadhar. As you all know, the BJP is the most intelligent of all political parties. The party has successfully implemented them. Indian Rupee is at all time high. All the citizens are happy epically in the unorganised sector which is now thriving with progress.

·       Since our Prime Minister Modi has discovered the extra 2ab, our Scientists and Mathematicians have all gone gaga over it. They think that it is bigger than Brahmagupta and Aryabhatta discovering and using zero.  

·       Scams are a thing of the past. All those who were involved in scams, cheated the Indian Banks and left the country, are brought back. They have refunded the money to the respective banks. They have now become law-abiding citizens.    

·       All Indian villages are connected with the power grid and everyone enjoys uninterrupted power supply. LPG Cylinders are used by those in the most remote village as they are extremely cheap. Our gutters have become our priced natural resource as they supply us with an unlimited natural gas. Petrol prices too are at its all time low. We also travel by Bullet Trains frequently.

·       Beti Bachhao-Beti Padhao scheme has become a super-hit. As a result, Nirbhaya and Asifa stories have become the past history. Child Protection systems are formed and strengthened. Young girls and women are treated with great respect. Rape and sexual abuses have become a thing of the past. Today a young girl or woman can go out anywhere at any time without fear. They feel safe as they are well protected by the Police and Political leaders.

·       Human Trafficking has been curtailed to a great extent. At all levels – Family, Village, Mandal, District, State and National – safe and secure measures are in place. Vigilance Committees are always on high alert. They identify potential traffickers and get them punished severely. Cases of missing person are unheard of these days.

·       There is no sign of ecological degradation in India. The nature and all the natural resources are well guarded and protected. The Clean India -Swachh Bharat program has done wonders in every nook and corner of the country. Dirty surrounding and pollution have become a thing of the past. ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ has become the cherished mantra for every Indian. In the next global ranking, India will be in the 1st position for cleanliness and clean surrounding.

·       River Ganga has become the cleanest river in the world. This has been confirmed by UNESCO. This is the case with other major rivers like Yamuna, Narmada, Brahmaputra, Krishna, Godavari and Kaveri etc. Sand mafia has vanished. All rivers, big or small, have water throughout the year. Due to water availability, agriculture has become a booming occupation and all our warehouses are filled with agricultural products. Our farmers are really happy as all their demands have been met. The country is flourishing with prosperity.

·       Ram Temple has outclassed the Vatican. All international travellers have now dumped the Statue of Liberty for the Statue of Unity. As a matter of fact it has been confirmed by UNESCO that it is the biggest tourist attraction world over. Moreover, we have 1000 Smart Cities and they have put Dubai, Singapore, Hongkong and Shanghai to shame.

·       All our holy cows are safe and they are all looked after very well. They do not eat trash or plastic anymore. Beef export has completely been banned and we are now breathing good quality of oxygenated air thanks to them. Cancer is something that does not bother us at all. Why? We have ‘cow urine’ as the cure for all diseases.     

·       We now have a clean and dynamic political system where only sincere, honest, hardworking and service-minded people, having a clear vision for the nation, can become political leaders. BJP has emerged as the cleanest party. For this reason it became the single largest party to form the government second time. Recently, the US-based NRIs, during the Howdy-Modi program, hailed our Prime Minister Modi for all his achievements. Even the US President Donald Trump called Modi as the “Father of India”. What a great honour to our Prime Minister! According to Donald Trump, Mahatma Gandhi can be replaced by Narendra Modi.   The rousing welcome Modi received in US and UN is a clear evidence of his great achievement of creating a New India.

So my dear NRIs, we in India know how much you are struggling there to meet both ends meet. Please stop slogging abroad. You people have worked hard to make the recently concluded Howdy-Modi program a great success.  Your love and support for Modi has made all the difference. The time is ripe now to return to India. I appeal to all of you to come back without any hesitation and show your love for the country. You do not know what you are missing. Please come back to see the transformed New India, a Rama Rajya.  

Looking forward to your return,

A Bharat Bhakt

ML Satyan

(Published on 07th October 2019, Volume XXXI, Issue 41)