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Aam Aadmi’s Mann Ki Baat

Aam Aadmi’s Mann Ki Baat

Friends, Indians, countrymen, fellow citizens, lend me your ears!

I am a common Indian citizen. Just an aam aadmi! I speak my mind out. It cannot be suppressed or repressed. I do not speak from the ramparts of Lal Qila. Nor do I address you from an air-conditioned broadcasting room of a palatial TV studio. Nor can you watch me speaking to you from the new 2000 rupee currency! But here I am with the tools of a common man’s trade. That is my app. I earn my living like any other commoner. My business is not politics. I don’t deal in apps. 

Here I speak of what I know. I am not an expert on demonetisation. I speak of its after-effects. Elsewhere on the streets some dare call it demonization. True or false, judge for yourself if you have reason left.

My heart is in the coffin there with my fellow citizens who were sucked into the manhole of demonetisation. Were they ambitious? Ambition should be made of sterner stuff, my countrymen!

I am not here to praise them. Rather, I am here to offer my condolences to the bereaved. Are you a practising family man? Then you will feel the pain of those who survived after their dear ones were dispatched by calculating men who conspired with cruel fate. The shattered don’t need those verbose words mouthed in glittering display. Your empathetic presence will ease their sorrowing hearts.

I am not here to disapprove of the deeds of those who are party to the tragic death of seven score or more. Their deeds speak volumes. Let history be their judge!

But here I am to speak of what I know to be true.  I want to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They are all honourable men whose misdeeds live after them. The good is oft interred in their backyards. Their good intentions have played havoc. You and I are taken for ransom. The surgical strike of a super strategist!

When the poor have cried, when war veterans cursed their fate on public road before banks, when a child was born as a new queue member before a bank amidst wails and pangs, when people resorted to the ultimate step after having been denied of their rightful deposits, did any politician cry? In a flourish many had their tears shed in front of TV cameras. We noticed the crocodile catwalk of this brood of honourable men and women whose interests lie elsewhere!

I do not call any of them ambitious. No aspersions on their Godfather either! Theirs was not ambition but imprudence. Not arrogance but miscalculation. Not appropriation but mismanagement.

Who stabbed the victims of mismanagement in the back? How can anyone justify that it was to save the nation from truants and trash holders?  Were rickshaw pullers trash holders? Were vegetable vendors truants? Or tea vendors, petty shop owners, housewives, school teachers, professors, farmers, students or any of them black sheep? Who ran way with the much hunted-after black money? Who connived with bankers and politicians to suppress the truth and to bury the nation’s money in gold and real estate? The trash holders are having a heyday with roaring business. They are untouchable, aren’t they? Currency changers a dime a dozen at every nook or corner! They are serving the nation, aren’t they?

Why is the common man’s life made to stand still with lakhs of jobs lost? Why are we administered benumbing shots with 60 rules changed within 50 days and 150 people dead?

O judgment, where have you fled?

‘Bear with me; my heart is in the coffin’ with the dead; and ‘I must pause till it come back to me.’

(Published on 02nd January 2017, Volume XXIX, Issue 1)#