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A Nun’s Life, As They See It

A Nun’s Life, As They See It

Sr Tessy Jacob, SSpS, Jharsuguda, (Media Ministry) Orissa

I live in a system of unlimited possibilities and many privileges. What counts most in my life is the personal contentment of living a religious missionary life.

When we joined the convent, we knew very little about our Congregation, and with that little knowledge we ventured in. The formation period, which lasted four to seven years, gave us ample insight to decide whether I was in a place which would make my dreams come true.  

Power and authority are short-lived. To be a Provincial, Superior or the head of an Institution is not the right of a person in the Congregation. Struggles and crisis do occur in our lives.

Religious life is not an individualistic life. We live in community. Community life is not complaint-proof either. There are back bites, criticisms, power struggle etc. I can either choose to play the role of a victim and remain unhappy for the rest of life or be prudent and withstand all the difficulties and be a prophetic woman.

Not every sister is successful in her Mission, nor every one is a failure. It is in seeing the Sun rays through the clouds that one finds happiness in the way of life that she has chosen.

Sr Josita Abraham MSA, Mumbai, (Educator), Maharashtra

I feel I am blessed by God in numerous ways just because I said yes to His call. 

Rajasthan is known as a desert land for most of the people, but in every desert there is an oasis to give life. God’s plan for me is to be an oasis into the lives of his people. I came to an unknown land, to an unknown culture and people. Today I feel happy for what God is doing through me.

I feel happy and accepted in my religious life. Community life helps me to move forward to become other-centered and to reach out to others. The joys and sorrows we share together, the little quarrels and misunderstandings make us strong and build a bond of love in the community.

As an educator I find joy in being with my students and imparting Christ’s values to them.  I am happy to help the students to discover their hidden potentials and enkindle in them a ray of hope. 

No life is a bed of roses alone; even I believe religious life is not so smooth; it has its pros and cons.

I do go through inner struggles within. Sometimes we become victims of misunderstanding, jealousy, groupism, etc. In spite of all these I trust the Master who called me and he is my strength and courage to live on and move on with my every day responsibilities. 

Sr Lizy Thomas SSpS, (Social worker) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

In line with my passion, caliber and aptitude, my Congregation has equipped me with academic studies and required skills. Hence, I feel confident to get involved in any sphere of the mission with professionalism. I enjoy freedom with responsibility, to be myself and choose life situations that are in line with my status of life. 

It is always a big support to live with my sisters who feel responsible for one another and care for each other although occasional challenges to the unity of community is noticed. The impact of this experience qualifies the necessity of cultivating a community of friends and neighbours.

A professional Social Worker for more than 18 years, I still cherish the three-and-a-half years of working with People Living with HIV & AIDS at VISHWAS Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh. It was my joy to avail myself in promoting their lives through counseling, Home Based Care and guiding the patients about their right to live. 

Currently I am working at Uday Social Development Society Bhopal, a JPIC center (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) & the social work wing of my Province which reaches out to more than 45,342 people directly or indirectly. The Society works for Empowerment of Women, Integral Development of Children and Improving Governance by delegating works to the collaborators, trusting in their capacity and allowing their creativity to bloom. The work gives me a lot of joy and happiness.

I find satisfaction in working with others, adopting democratic values in my works which promotes team spirit and satisfaction among the members. It gives me immense delight to recall the way I could contribute to the social justice in an organized way and the impact is seen especially in Madhya Pradesh, although it is a drop in the great ocean.

Life often presents before me joys and sorrows, challenges and success. I must confess that at times, I lose control of handling certain emotions particularly when faced with events that happen against my expectation. 

Sr Bindu Abraham, MSI (Educator), Machlipatnam, Andhra Pradesh

All I’m today is because of the grace of God working within me. I have nothing to boast or claim. I have completed twenty-two years in the service of the Lord and to His people. There is no regret.

I never think of looking back or mounting back the steps I have disembarked because I’m always surmounted with joy deep within. I find joy in whatever work entrusted to me and I’m satisfied and happy.

I have been working as an educator for the past 16 years and I have guided hundreds of teenage boys and girls in their all-round development. I have visited many villages in the remotest parts of the dioceses of Vijayawada, Eluru and Visakhapatnam teaching them the Word of God and making known Jesus to them through my very lives.

Wherever I’m, I try to be an inspiration to others in my own little ways. As Saint Paul says, “The grace of God is sufficient to live on”.  And I go around with these words in my mind “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”.  

Sr Aleena FSLG, Meerut, UP (Formator)

As a child I had a great love for the crucified Jesus of my home parish, though at that age I couldn't understand much about the mysteries it embodied. But my purpose of going for the Eucharist was to see the crucified Jesus placed at the altar.

As years passed by, my love for him increased and I wanted to see and experience the crucified Jesus each and every moment of my life.  Then I found a way to experience his presence always in my life by joining a convent. 

In spite of my parents’ initial hesitation, they gracefully allowed me to join a convent. l have completed thirteen years of religious life fruitfully and I feel great joy to share the love of Christ with the novices of our congregation who aspire to be meaningful instruments of God's love. It gives me immense joy when I see the smiling faces of people among whom I live and work.  

There are moments of pain and hurts too. But when I stand at the foot of the cross I find energized by Jesus who saved me and the whole humanity.

(Published on 13th August 2018, Volume XXX, Issue 33)