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26 Articles Of Faith

26 Articles Of Faith

The present challenging social, political and economic scenario makes a vast majority of people feel depressed. The senior citizens who had witnessed the commitment of freedom fighters and ethics of the old political leaders feel disgusted at the way the present day politicians behave: selling their souls for power and money. People from all walks of life have become insensitive, selfish and indulge in corruption. The religious leaders instead of guiding people to follow the way of truth, love and peace are indulging in running business in the name of God. Religion is commercialized and politicised. Hypocrisy and scandals have become part of priests and godmen. Common people are brainwashed and enslaved   by the politicians in the name of caste, religion and regional identities. Journalists and social workers also have lost their vision.

In such an atmosphere hardly any one dares to speak of peace, ethics, pluralism and fellowship.  People are obsessed by the instant culture of money, power and success. In such situation hardly any one dares to hope for a better world. Hardly anyone has confidence to believe that better times are ahead.

The experience of working with the youth over three decades has taught me to hope in hopeless situation. The openness, sincerity and courage of the youth to go against the routine and make things happen have convinced me to believe that we can surely create a world of peace and fellowship. God is within each one of us and ready to act provided we believe that, “I can do everything in Him who strengthens me”. Maximize the Divine within us and miracles will happen.  I am happy to share 26 articles of faith which have emerged from my close association with the youth of all regions of the country during the last 30 years.     

1.   I dare to believe that I can mobilize people of India to break the narrow walls of caste, religion, region and other petty identities and mobilize the youth for this transformative mission.

2.   I dare to believe that by transforming myself I can transform the whole world. I do it here and now.

3.   I dare to believe that USM (Universal Solidarity Movement of Value Education for Peace) will give birth to leaders with vision and responsible citizens who will stand out by their character and competence.

4.   I dare to believe that people will accept only honest and sincere politicians who would unite people from diverse culture without any vested agenda of caste, religion and region.

5.   I dare to believe that women of this country will stand out and refuse to be oppressed and exploited.

6.   I dare to believe that the youth of this country will take charge of the nation and preserve the universal values of pluralism, non-violence, dignity of human beings, freedom and friendship to promote the universal family spirit,  Vasudaiva kutumbakam.

7.   I dare to believe that the oppressed and the marginalized sections of the society will have equal opportunities for development.

8.   I dare to believe that the political leaders and government officers will act as servants of the public in letter and spirit to ensure prompt service without any discrimination.

9.   I dare to believe that people will be freed from the institutional religions controlled by priestly class who enslave them in superstitions, unproductive rituals and fear of punishment and curse.

10.                I dare to believe that families will be more united with quality relationship among the members with mutual trust and love.

11.                I dare to believe that the society will be freed from homes for the aged and orphanages and create atmosphere of compassion, care and love in families.

12.                I dare to believe that the culture of violence, hatred and prejudice will give way to trust and friendship.

13.                I dare to believe that we shall have a conflict free world and every one will consciously work for peace and facilitate reconciliation at all areas of life.

14.                I dare to believe that citizens will replace the present culture of silence and indifference to become proactive and prophetic against any violation of human dignity and rights of the poor and the weak; ‘the last man’ of Gandhi.

15.                I dare to believe to have a society where people will practice self-discipline free from external supervision and control by the police and courts.

16.                I dare to believe that the gap between the poor and the rich will vanish and every one will have easy access to quality education, health facilities and standard of living.

17.                I dare to believe that the wealthy people will consider themselves stewards of their wealth and share it with the society instead of making a display of their wealth for pomp and show.

18.                I dare to believe that we shall respect mother earth and protect and preserve her resources.

19.                I dare to believe that every citizen will have stable source of livelihood through jobs and other means.

20.                I dare to believe that people will be free from mental stress, prejudice, fear and live in an atmosphere of friendship freedom and fellowship.

21.                I dare to have an education system which gives top priority for peace education and have full time value education co-ordinators in every educational institute.

22.                I dare to believe that the rural economy gets top priority in government programs and farmers and artisans get maximum support and facility.

23.                I dare to believe that people will make decisions based on critical thinking, scientific temper and intelligence than going for blind imitation and superstition.

24.                I dare to believe that India will lead the nations by extending hands of friendship and ensure war free world especially with all the neighbours.

25.                I dare to believe that we will have a world with minimum expenditure on defense and spend more on education, cultural development, research, health and humanitarian projects.

26.                I dare to believe that the members of Universal Solidarity Movement, especially the youth will convert these articles of faith into reality HERE AND NOW to realise the Vision 2040.  

By 2040 we dream of having 500 members in the parliament, 3000 MLAs in different states, who are trained in USM and live the USM way of life. We dream of having 600 IAS and IPS officers trained by USM who would be administering 600 districts of India. We dream of 100 IFS officers from USM who would be ambassadors of India in different countries working for global peace. We also dream of having USM members as judges, heads of educational institutions, editors of newspapers, heads of other organizations and businessmen with ethics and philanthropy to build a civilization of love.

(Published on 26th August 2019, Volume XXXI, Issue 35)